CloneSpy 2.1

Free hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate files
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CloneSpy helps you free hard drive space by detecting and removing duplicate files. It doesn't matter if the name is not exactly the same or has a different time, date creation or location, on the inside the file is the same. A great feature is that it can find duplicates of any size, or only of a certain size range.

Sometimes it happens that you download a file several times but with CloneSpy find duplicate files automatically eliminating the need of spending time searching the hard drive or an entire CD/DVD collection. Furthermore Clonespy can find zero length files, these files are those that do not have any content at all.

CloneSpy handles the files by deleting them or moving the redundant ones to a specific folder avoiding its elimination and enabling the user to perform arbitrary file operations. Build checksum files from files on CD, DVD or even external hard drives, using them to compare whether these files already exist on your system thus preventing from having to spend hours searching for duplicates.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Free disk space.
  • Eliminate duplicates easily


  • Lacks ability to search for entire duplicate directories
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