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CloneSpy is a handy tool that can detect and remove duplicate files
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The pesky duplicate files are a common problem for any computer where numerous file operations are performed on daily basis. They are also one of the main causes of uselessly wasted disk space. Manually locating and deleting them is a very hard and tedious task, if not a plain impossible one. Happily, there are handy tools like CloneSpy that are especially created to deal with this kind of files. CloneSpy makes finding and removing them extremely easy, simple and fast.

CloneSpy can detect and erase duplicates regardless of their file type: may they be images, music files, documents or any other kind of files. It can also be configured to check for files with the same name or for zero-bytes files that have no actual content.

A remarkable advantage of this tool is the fact that it scans the folders for duplicates in a short time and that the scan results are really accurate. It also allows you to use numerous filters, based on file attributes, the file size, the file creation date or even the file extensions, in order to customize the duplicate file searching task and its result to your liking. Moreover, CloneSpy is capable of automatically performing various actions with the found duplicate files, according to your predefined options. These actions include: delete them, move them or even replace them with shortcuts or hard links (NTFS) to the retained files. It also allows building checksum files.
In conclusion, CloneSpy is a handy tool that makes dealing with duplicate files a simple task.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fast scanning speed.
  • Provides accurate results.
  • Allows filtering the results by various criteria


  • The interface could benefit of some "wizards" to guide the novice users throughout the duplicate file detection and removal process
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